"We keep an EYE on your property"

Testimonial: I couldn't be happier

Eagle Eye Property Management is a Killington based business owned and operated by Timothy and Michelle McCollum. Tim, after proudly serving our Country for 21 years, including 3 tours to Afghanistan, is ready to protect all of your property needs. With his high level of security clearance, your privacy is of the utmost importance.

Michelle has been working in Killington for 13 years. 10 years as a Travel Agent providing personal attention to all details making each vacation a lasting memory. The past 3 years has been working in the Property Management Field delivering on-time service and quality results.

Together they have pooled their resources to provide superior customer service to their clients in the Killington area.

Eagle Eye provides property management, snowplowing, shoveling, construction services, house cleaning, firewood supply, painting services, window washing, pest control, property checking, alarm response, lawn maintenance (including raking, mowing and landscaping), trash removal, and hot tub maintenance in Killington, Pico, Mendon, Pittsfield and Bridgewater Vermont.